26th and 27th October, 2020, BRATISLAVA


Joined conference Wood, Pulp and Paper and Polygrafia Academica 2020 was organized on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology, the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava. Due to the pandemic situation related to Covid 19, the conference was held as an online conference without personal attendance. The conference program consisted of the joint plenary and two separate sections of Wood, Pulp and Paper 2020, and Polygrafia Academica 2020. The main goal of the conference was to highlight the role of the wood processing industry as the largest processor of wood raw material, the paper industry as the largest paper producer, and the printing industry as the largest paper processor. The content of the conference was polythematic and reflected current challenges, problems, and trends in the areas of interest of the conference. The conference was intended for experts in the paper, printing and packaging industries, suppliers of materials and equipment, for employees of advertising agencies, significant space was devoted to education and research, ie teachers, researchers, and students and last but not least all those interested in wood and paper processing and printing technologies.
The languages of the conference were Slovak/Czech and English, with the simultaneous translation into English and Slovak.
The organizers thank all participants and sponsors for their friendly and welcoming approach and understanding, which was necessary for the conference to take place in times of pandemic situation.

Who's Speaking?

Jori Ringman

Jori Ringman

Director General

CEPI - the European forest fibre and paper industry

Peter Blubla

Peter Blubla


Polygraphy Association in Slovakia

Štefan Boháček

Štefan Boháček

Director - General VÚPC

Union of Pulp and Paper Industry SR

Main Schedule of the Conference

26.October, 2020
1Opening of the conference13:00Plenary session
2Trends and Challenges: reinventing the paper industry / Trendy a Výzvy: znovuobjavovanie papierenského priemysluJori Ringman 13:15 Plenary session
3Konkurencieschopnosť a trendy rozvoja celulózo-papierenského priemyslu v SR / Competitivnes and Trends of Pulp and Paper Industry Development in Slovak Republic,Štefan Boháček 13:45Plenary session
4Prehľad polygrafie na Slovensku / Printing industry in SlovakiaPeter Blubla 14:05Plenary session
5BREAK14:25 Sponsor's presentations
6Ekological aspects of pulp and paper production / Ekologické aspekty výroby buničín a papieraVladimír Krajčí , Marianna Matajová 14:35WPP
7The research and education for plant renewable sources industry at STU in last period (2013 – 2019) / Výskum a vzdelávanie pre priemysel na báze obnoviteľných rastliných zdrojov na STU v Bratislave od roku 2013 do 2020Katarína Vizárová 14:55WPP
8Sustainable and feasible forest-based added value material solutions / Udržateľné a uskutočniteľné riešenia pre materiály na báze dreva s vyššou pridanou hodnotouKatariina Torvinen 15:15WPP
9A-recovery+ chemical recovery concept Pauliina Sjögård 15:35WPP
10Introduction of biodegradable polymeric materials in the production of printing plates /Úvod do biodegradovateľných polymérnych materiálov vo výrobe tlačových platníSanja Mahović Poljaček 15:55PA
11Megatrendy výroby potláčaných obalových materiálov v Európe / Megatrends in the field of printed packaging materials in EuropeKlaudia Maňúrová 16:20PA
12Využitie plazmou redukovaných grafén oxidových elektród v aplikáciách tlačenej elektroniky / Application of plasma-reduced graphene oxide electrodes in printed electronicsPavol Gemeiner 16:45PA
27.October, 2020
1Industrial View on Advances and Examples of Biorefinery Research and Education in Austria / Priemyselný pohľad na výhody a príklady biorafinačného výskumu a vzdelávania v RakúskuJohannes Leitner 09:00 WPP
2Vplyv oblecenia pap.stroja na vyrobnost a spotrebu energie / Paper machine clothing – energy savings on paper machine in real time.Ladislav Vargic 09:20WPP
3The Improving of Paper Web CD Profile by Using Actuators / Zlepšenie papiera v CD profile použitím ActuatorsJukka Ahlstedt 09:40WPP
4Změna zaklížení papíru v čase, definované hodnotou Cobb60 / The paper sizing changes in Cobb60 in timeFilip Škrobák 10:20 WPP
5Break10:40Sponsor's presentations
6Materiálový tisk sensorů a funkčních vrstev / Material printing of sensors and functional layersMichal Veselý 10:50PA
7tesa® CaRes – inovatívne pásky v papierenskom a polygrafickom priemysle / tesa® CaRes – innovative tapes in the paper and printing industryKarol Vaško 11:15PA
8Tlačené hybridné solárne články / Printed hybrid solar cellsMatej Hvojník 11:40PA
9Break12:00Sponsor's presentations
10Chemické zloženie, termické správanie sa lignínov a ich aplikácie / Chemical Composition, Thermal Behavior of Kraft Lignins and their applicationsRichard Nadányi 13:40WPP
11Papiertechnische Service/ Služby PTS Joerg Hempel 14:00WPP
12Conservation of Cellulose-based Cultural Heritage using Trimethylsilyl Cellulose Stabilized Carbonate and Hydroxide Nanoparticles / Konzervácia kultúrneho dedičstva na báze celulózy použitím trimethylsilil celulózy stabilizovaný karbonátom a hydroxidovými nano časticamiTamilselvan Mohan 14:20WPP
13Deacidification of library paper / Deacidifikácia knižničných papierovDoris Bračič 14:40WPP
14Nové prístupy k hodnoteniu efektivity deacidifikačných procesov / New possibilities for evaluation of deacidification processesIzabela Vajová 15:00WPP
15Closing of the conference15:20

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