The conference was designed according to the highest standards and also in reducing the ecological footprint, combining the latest technology and pleasant environment that can provide valuable and enjoyable stay. With the ability to increase the visibility of your business or brand, WPP PA 2020 offers you a range of unique sponsorship opportunities.

From the list, you will be able to choose a customized sponsorship package, taking into account the specific types of organizations. If you do not find the package you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will propose the package just for you.
All sponsor logos and presentations are always placed in order of importance: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze Package, followed by other sponsorship opportunities.

Check out all WPP PA 2020 Sponsorship Options in detail.

General visibility of each package in a simple overview.

Sponsor package Platinum Gold Silver Bronze
Price 6 000,-€ 3 000,-€ 2 000,-€ 1 000,-€
Free conference registration (number of person) 5 3 2 1
Free registration to social event (number of person) 5 3 2 1
Company logo on the on-line programme x x x x
Company logo on conference website hyperlinked on company website x x x x
Company logo on printed programme x x x
Company logo on conference files x x x
Company logo on “thank to” banner x x x
Thanks to the chairman of the conference sponsor x x
Advertising space on a printed program x x
Information material/sponsor gift for conference participants in conference package x x
Company logo on conference photos x
Own meeting room/stand available throughout the conference x
Press release announcing company sponsorship x
Company logo on the registration page x
Own a high table in the common areas of the conference x

Other sponsoring options

Sponsor of joint lunch 500 €
Evening Cocktail Sponsor 500 €
Sponsor of dinner 500 €
Sponsor of Coffee breaks 500 €
Sponsor of session 500 €
Conference briefcases 500 €
Sponsor of the joint lunch of the section participants 500 €
Social program sponsor 500 €
Plenary lecture sponsor 500 €
Sponsor of equipment, devices and presentation tables rental 200 €
Inserting company information materials into the conference package 150 €
Participation in the conference (1 person) and inserting the company information materials into the conference package 350 €